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About Us

Steven Schapansky and Erika Ensign are a married couple living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They met through Steven’s podcast, Radio Free Skaro, so podcasting is not just a vocation, it’s a lifestyle.

Steven has a diploma in broadcasting and worked in television for many years. He started podcasting in 2006, when he helped launch Radio Free Skaro, the world’s most renowned Doctor Who podcast. Over the last 10+ years, he has recorded hundreds of hours of audio, grown a sizable and enthusiastic fan base, and interviewed well over 100 creators of the BBC’s flagship drama. He has since launched several other podcast endeavours, which include some of the most fervently beloved podcasts in Doctor Who fandom.

Erika has a degree in communication arts with a concentration in radio, television, and film. She’s done everything from telephone captioning to technical writing to quality assurance to wrangling psychiatrists (yes, really). She discovered Radio Free Skaro in 2011 and realized podcasting was the perfect way to put her schooling to work doing something she loves. Despite her full time job (currently as a writer for the government), she threw herself into podcasting and swiftly became a “podaholic”. She may have started a new podcast since you started reading this paragraph.


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