About Us

Steven Schapansky and Erika Ensign are a married couple living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They met through Steven’s podcast, Radio Free Skaro, so podcasting is not just a vocation, it’s a lifestyle.

Steven has a degree in broadcasting and worked in television for many years. He started podcasting in 2006, when he helped launch Radio Free Skaro, the world’s most renowned Doctor Who podcast. Over the last 10+ years, he has recorded hundreds of hours of audio, grown a sizable and enthusiastic fan base, and interviewed well over 100 creators of the BBC’s flagship drama. He has since launched several other podcast endeavours, which include some of the most fervently beloved podcasts in Doctor Who fandom.

Erika has a degree in communication arts with a concentration in radio, television, and film. She’s done everything from telephone captioning to technical writing to quality assurance to wrangling psychiatrists (yes, really). She discovered Radio Free Skaro in 2011 and realized podcasting was the perfect way to put her schooling to work doing something she loves. She threw herself into it and swiftly became a podcast workaholic. She may have started a new podcast since you started reading this paragraph.

Our Podcasts

Here’s a list of Erika and Steven’s personal podcast ventures:

  • Radio Free Skaro – Steven co-founded, moderates, edits, and performs most of the interviews for this first-rate Doctor Who podcast, which is also co-hosted by Warren Frey and Chris Burgess.
  • Verity! – Erika co-founded, co-hosts, and is technical producer/editor for this feminist Doctor Who podcast, which features women from across the globe: Deborah Stanish, Katrina Griffiths, L. M. Myles, Lynne M. Thomas, and Tansy Rayner Roberts.
  • The Incomparable – Erika is a frequent panelist on the flagship show of Jason Snell’s Incomparable Podcast Network. Steven appears as well, though less often.
    • Total Party Kill – Erika plays Dungeons & Dragons on both video and audio for this geeky podcast. She also edits many of the audio episodes.
    • Game Night – Both Erika and Steven enjoy their semi-regular appearances on this delightful podcast where a group of friends play family-style games over the internet. They both occasionally edit episodes as well.
    • Afoot – Erika is a co-conspirator and occasional panelist on this mystery-themed podcast, hosted by Glenn Fleishman.
  • The Memory Cheats – Steven and his co-host Josh Zimon take a weekly walk down their personal memory lanes on this beloved Doctor Who Steven edits every episode.
  • The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 – Erika co-founded and shares moderation duties with Chip and Shannon Sudderth on this episode-by-episode guide to one of the 1990s’ best sci-fi shows. She also edits the occasional episode.
  • Uncanny Magazine Podcast – Erika and Steven co-produce the award-winning short fiction/poetry/interview podcast for co-hosts/co-editors-in-chief/co-publishers Lynne M. and Michael Damian Thomas. In addition to being hands-on producers and editors, Erika reads short stories and poetry, and Steven reads the ads and the outros for the podcast.
  • Lazy Doctor Who – Steven and Erika met and got married because of Doctor Who and podcasting, so it was only natural that they start their own. In this aptly-titled podcast, they watch episodes of their favorite show, and then sit on the couch and talk about them.
  • Hockey Feels – Steven’s interests range far beyond Doctor Who and this podcast is proof of that. He and co-host Rachel (Donner) (and occasionally Rachel’s cat Charlotte) talk about all things hockey, with an emphasis on the Edmonton Oilers and Philadelphia Flyers.


We keep referring to award-winning podcasts, and we can back that up!

Uncanny Magazine Podcast

We co-produce Uncanny Magazine’s monthly podcast. Each episode includes an intro section, short story, poem, and interview. Erika is one of the podcast readers, and Steven reads the ads and the outro.


Verity! is one of the world’s foremost Doctor Who podcasts. Erika is co-founder, co-host, and technical producer.

Radio Free Skaro

Radio Free Skaro is the world’s foremost Doctor Who podcast. Recommended by Doctor Who Magazine itself, RFS is the gold standard in Doctor Who podcasting. Steven is co-founder, moderator, editor, and primary interviewer.

The Incomparable

Okay, so the real credit for The Incomparable lies firmly with its founder and host-with-the-most, Jason Snell, but Erika is a frequent panelist (and Steven, an infrequent one). Erika doesn’t pretend to take more credit than that which a panelist deserves, but that is still some small measure of credit, and she enjoys the heck out of her two trophies!