Here’s a list of Erika and Steven’s personal podcast ventures:

  • Radio Free Skaro – Steven co-founded, moderates, edits, and performs most of the interviews for this first-rate Doctor Who podcast, which is also co-hosted by Warren Frey and Chris Burgess.
  • Verity! – Erika co-founded, co-hosts, and is technical producer/editor for this award-winning feminist Doctor Who podcast, which features women from across the globe: Deborah Stanish, Katrina Griffiths, L. M. Myles, Lynne M. Thomas, and Tansy Rayner Roberts. (Awards: Parsec Award)
  • The Incomparable – Erika is a frequent panelist on the award-winning flagship show of Jason Snell’s Incomparable Podcast Network. Steven also appears occasionally. (Awards: multiple Parsec Awards)
    • Lazy Doctor Who – Steven and Erika met and got married because of Doctor Who and podcasting, so it was only natural that they start their own Doctor Who podcast. In this aptly-titled show, they watch episodes of their favorite programme, and then sit on the couch and talk about them.
    • Beginner’s Puck – Erika and her Verity! cohost Deb keep their love of hockey separate from their other podcast loves in this show which is great for both long-time fans and those who are new to the sport. Women, PoC, LGBTQ, NB encouraged to listen. There is a place for you in our fandom. (Steven edits this podcast.)
    • In The Village (a sub-show of the TeeVee podcast feed) – To celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the greatest spy-fi shows in history, Steven and Erika created a spin-off of Lazy Doctor WhoIn The Village, we chat about each episode of The Prisoner on the 50th anniversary of its initial release in the UK. Be seeing you!
    • Total Party Kill – Erika plays Dungeons & Dragons on both video and audio for this geeky podcast. She also edits many of the episodes.
    • Game Show – Both Erika and Steven enjoy their semi-regular appearances on this delightful podcast where a group of friends play family-style games over the internet. Erika hosts a fan-favorite called “Random Pursuit”. Both Erika and Steven edit episodes as well.
    • The Incomparable Radio Theater – Both Erika and Steven have played multiple characters in this original radio drama that pays homage to classic mid-20th century radio while giving a nod to modern pop culture. Commander Jetpack, Jasmine the Tinynaught, Galaxy Scouts, Inspector Farthing…the list goes on.
    • Afoot – Erika is a co-conspirator and occasional panelist on this mystery-themed podcast, hosted by Glenn Fleishman.
  • The Memory Cheats – Steven and his co-host take a weekly walk down their personal memory lanes on this beloved Doctor Who podcast. Steven edits every episode.
  • The Audio Guide to Babylon 5 – Erika co-founded and shares moderation duties with Chip and Shannon Sudderth on this episode-by-episode guide to one of the 1990s’ best sci-fi shows. She also edits the occasional episode.
  • Uncanny Magazine Podcast – Erika and Steven co-produce the award-winning short fiction/poetry/interview podcast for co-hosts/co-editors-in-chief/co-publishers Lynne M. and Michael Damian Thomas. In addition to being hands-on producers and editors, Erika reads short stories and poetry, and Steven reads and often writes ads and outros for the podcast. (Awards: Two Hugo Awards, one Parsec Award)
  • Hockey Feels – Steven’s interests range far beyond Doctor Who, and this podcast is proof of that. He and co-host Rachel Donner (and occasionally Rachel’s cat Charlotte) talk about all things hockey, with an emphasis on the Edmonton Oilers and Philadelphia Flyers.